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Getting our Irish up


Everyone got into the Irish spirit (photos: Orin O'Neill)

Nobody could think of a reason why the SOB club wasn’t in last year’s Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Well, by golly, we’re gonna be in it this year!

Sixteen scooters and 18 riders left the parking lot at Mayberry’s Sporting Goods/Cool Beans Espresso/etc. under cloudy, drizzly skies. The St. Paddy’s (not “Patty’s”) parade in Dublin, Ireland usually takes place under similar conditions. And it’s rather ad hoc like Bellingham’s: show up before 11:30 and get in line.



We invited everyone who rides a scooter to join our group. Jackie, Randy and Cathy, and Doc and Tiny came up from Seattle with their scooters; Joel, also from Seattle, cleaned a party supply store out of its entire supply of green-bead necklaces and was tossing them into the crowd. More of our out-of-town friends had planned to come, but had to cancel.

Orange Buddy

There were some orange scooters, too

The crowd lining the parade route loved the scooters. Everyone had a blast, and discussions about possible drill-team routines for next year dominated the conversation at the parade route’s end. At the parade’s end, there was free time before reconvening at Man Pies for the Pi Run.

Eating pie

We started with savory pies from Man Pies

By the time we left Man Pies, the sun had come out, and you could almost say it was… warm. Brooksana led us on a great ride through Bellingham’s neighborhoods, first to Supreme Bean Coffee Cafe, the new home of Barb’s Pies (you used to have to go to Ferndale), then to Grace Cafe, near the Sunset Village shopping center.

The Grace Cafe

Inside The Grace Cafe

We pretty much ate their entire supply of Key Lime pie (yum!), then Brooksana announced the winners of the awards: Randy and Cathy got the farthest traveled trophy (a plate with a fork attached, and scooter pictures among the sprinkles), Jason won for oldest scooter, and yours truly got the book smart award for correctly guessing the digits in pi at six-digit accuracy (that’s 3.14159).

The only incident of note occurred on the final leg to Rudy’s Pizzaria. Brooksana got a flat tire, which was not the result of a puncture, but of a failed valve stem. Luckily, there was safe spot to leave her scooter for later retrieval, so she hopped on Dan’s Stella and rode pillion the rest of the way.

Bowling at 20th Century capped a fun day, and a great kickoff to rally season.

The parade got covered in the local media: The Bellingham Herald’s photo gallery has a good picture of Dorcie; Komonews.com’s Bellingham reporter Kera Wanielista has several more scooter pix.

You can see my pix of the parade right here, and of the Pi Run here.

If you missed it this year, you should put next year’s St. Paddy’s parade and Pi Run on your calendar, for sure.


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